Blog 12 – Final Blog

Today on the 25th of April we submitted our final year project iDMe, we also printed a hardback copy for submission to the school of computing.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been finishing up the documentation and adding final details to the application. We are delighted to have finished and submitted our project having worked continuously on it throughout the year.



Blog 11

We are now in week 11 of our second semester, we are continuing to work on the development of the prototype we hope to implement a QR Code reader and Scanner in the coming days following an meeting with our supervisor Cathal Gurrin. We are happy with the development stage we have reached, the submission date for the project itself is the 20th of April therefore we are approximately 2 weeks off the final submission date.

We are currently exploring various security aspects of our application to ensure we have looked at the security legislations from all angles for that final submission. We are looking at creating a second application which is specifically for the nightclub owner or user which will incorporate the QR code reader of the application itself. We are looking forward to getting the project complete in the coming weeks although we are aware there is a lot of work to be done.


Blog 10 – Final Year Project

We are not in week 9, today we had a meeting with our supervisor. We have been working towards our end goal of the prototype delivery. To-date we have a log in and register functionality working which brings the logged in user to their home page whereby they can see the identification and verify the age of that user. We have been basing out User Interface on the sketchs inserted in previous blogs.

We are currently using a web host called 000 web host which provides us with carious tools such as Cpanel. From this web host we can insert out php files and also browse our database.

We have also been working on our documentation as we are seeking further market research with various other sources that may be able to provide information to us.

In the coming weeks we plan to continue to develop our application and documentation.

Blog 9 – Final Year Project

We are now finishing week four of second semester, this week we met with our supervisor Cathal Gurrin for our weekly meeting. We discuss the developments we made since the previous week Which was how we had met with Dr.Donal Fitzpatrick to seek advice in the selection of using our own server or using the Computing.Dcu Server. He advised us to speak with Gary Conway in order to get our database set up on the computing server to ensure the IP was the same at all times.

We then met with Gary Conway who spoke with us about the use of a myPHP database and the linking of this database to an android studio application. He provided us with access to our own database called 4thProject17_1 on the host.

Evelyn and I have also began working on our documentation whereby we met with Marcus Helfert who is our course convener to discuss the business plan we had submitted for our application iDMe. He gave us some tips to improve which we took on board and hope to use to improve our final document.

We are containing to practice Android Studio in order to overcome the learning curve of application development threw java which is our challenge at the moment.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 08.53.05.png

We have another meeting with our supervisor early next week on Monday the 27th where we hope to continue meeting our goals to get to the end delivery in time.

Final Year Project Blog 8

This week we have began researching the various aspects of the delivery of our prototype. We have been testing out android studio which is where we will be developing our application.

It is now week 2 of our second semester and to ensure the continuous improvements and development of our application we have set up weekly meetings with our Supervisor Cathal Gurrin. We met with him this week and have set tasks to be completed for the coming weeks. We also met with Donal Fitzpatrick who was a lecturer of ours for the past 3 years. He gave us advice on where to set up our servers and databases and platforms which are best to use for this. For example we had researched using MAMP as our server provider etc. Although we are not going to create our server on the computing.dcu server.

We will now have weekly meetings on Monday mornings with our Supervisor to ensure we keep on top of the work and share our ideas in order to produce our prototype.

Final Year Project – Blog 7

Back again, Christmas and exams done and dusted! After a lovely few weeks off it is time to get back into the swing of things.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 15.10.32.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-06 at 15.10.44.png


Above, you can see we have decided on the type of interface we want to implement. Which is a simple design with a fixed colour scheme.

Having submitted the midterm delivery we have a more detailed idea of what we want to do and produce for our customer. With this in mind we have began our research for the development of our iDMe application. We are currently researching and watching tutorials on the use of Android Studio in the hope to educate ourselves on the best use of the software.

We will be meeting up with our supervisor tomorrow in order to seek advice and guidance in our progression of the application.


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Final Year Project -Blog 6

We have finished our first semester lectures, with a couple of weeks before Christmas Evelyn and I have decided to dedicate this time to our second Submission of our Midterm Delivery. In order to complete this correctly we feel there was a lot of research to be done. In order for us to get a better understanding of the development of an application the security and different resources we will utilise we decided we needed to speak to an expert. Therefore, we decided to get in touch with a family friend who is an application developer and has previously designed software for various platforms.

On the 15/12 we headed out to Tallaght where we met the COO, Dr.George Mitchel of Realise it. We met with him for over 2 hours where he expressed many ideas and challenges we would face including tips to overcome these challenges.

From this we had a basis to begin our technical delivery and felt we were in a more informed position to complete various aspects of the Midterm Report.

We also met with Dr.Alan  who also was an aid in our understanding of the technical delivery.

Our aim for over Christmas is to distribute the work and research in order for us to be able to complete the report and focus on our exams in January.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 15.08.47.png