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Blog 12 – Final Blog

Today on the 25th of April we submitted our final year project iDMe, we also printed a hardback copy for submission to the school of computing.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been finishing up the documentation and adding final details to the application. We are delighted to have finished and submitted our project having worked continuously on it throughout the year.



Blog 5 – Final Year Project

Thursday 10th November:

I have just come out of our second presentation and it went very well. We were talking about our business proposition in the context of our business, competition, market and research and development.

We were very happy with how the presentation went and the feedback we got on our idea and technical delivery as that is what we are currently focusing on. We presented to Marcus Helfert and he said our idea was ‘Too-good’ which were very impressed with.

We are currently exploring the different technical deliveries we could go with one of which is that we could eliminate the database we are saying we would provide as the security would be too high etc. and it would be an easier concept to actually just have something like an e-signature to verify that the person is in fact themselves.

Our initial delivery is due on Monday for our final year project. It outlines our original thoughts and information we have gathered to date such as finances to date and our market research. We are working hard to get it finished and ensure we have everything we need in the report to show off our idea and the potential of this particular idea.

We hope to make progress on the technical delivery and speak to our other customer the nightclubs next week too.

– Orla