Blog 9 – Final Year Project

We are now finishing week four of second semester, this week we met with our supervisor Cathal Gurrin for our weekly meeting. We discuss the developments we made since the previous week Which was how we had met with Dr.Donal Fitzpatrick to seek advice in the selection of using our own server or using the Computing.Dcu Server. He advised us to speak with Gary Conway in order to get our database set up on the computing server to ensure the IP was the same at all times.

We then met with Gary Conway who spoke with us about the use of a myPHP database and the linking of this database to an android studio application. He provided us with access to our own database called 4thProject17_1 on the host.

Evelyn and I have also began working on our documentation whereby we met with Marcus Helfert who is our course convener to discuss the business plan we had submitted for our application iDMe. He gave us some tips to improve which we took on board and hope to use to improve our final document.

We are containing to practice Android Studio in order to overcome the learning curve of application development threw java which is our challenge at the moment.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 08.53.05.png

We have another meeting with our supervisor early next week on Monday the 27th where we hope to continue meeting our goals to get to the end delivery in time.


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