Final Year Project -Blog 6

We have finished our first semester lectures, with a couple of weeks before Christmas Evelyn and I have decided to dedicate this time to our second Submission of our Midterm Delivery. In order to complete this correctly we feel there was a lot of research to be done. In order for us to get a better understanding of the development of an application the security and different resources we will utilise we decided we needed to speak to an expert. Therefore, we decided to get in touch with a family friend who is an application developer and has previously designed software for various platforms.

On the 15/12 we headed out to Tallaght where we met the COO, Dr.George Mitchel of Realise it. We met with him for over 2 hours where he expressed many ideas and challenges we would face including tips to overcome these challenges.

From this we had a basis to begin our technical delivery and felt we were in a more informed position to complete various aspects of the Midterm Report.

We also met with Dr.Alan  who also was an aid in our understanding of the technical delivery.

Our aim for over Christmas is to distribute the work and research in order for us to be able to complete the report and focus on our exams in January.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 15.08.47.png


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