Final Year Project Blog 8

This week we have began researching the various aspects of the delivery of our prototype. We have been testing out android studio which is where we will be developing our application.

It is now week 2 of our second semester and to ensure the continuous improvements and development of our application we have set up weekly meetings with our Supervisor Cathal Gurrin. We met with him this week and have set tasks to be completed for the coming weeks. We also met with Donal Fitzpatrick who was a lecturer of ours for the past 3 years. He gave us advice on where to set up our servers and databases and platforms which are best to use for this. For example we had researched using MAMP as our server provider etc. Although we are not going to create our server on the computing.dcu server.

We will now have weekly meetings on Monday mornings with our Supervisor to ensure we keep on top of the work and share our ideas in order to produce our prototype.


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