Final Year Project Blog 2

We have just came out of our first presentation of our business idea to Marcus Helfert. Having presented our idea and received feedback we still feel our project idea has a lot of potential and if we can fill the issues there may be the security of the data we would hope our idea would be a success. We also got the opportunity to see other ideas and groups and make comments on them.

The lecturer posed issues such as that it would not be paid for and that users would not pay a fee for a service that would be free? Although, As our idea is targeted at a market age of 18+ the other members of the class were able to back this up and say they would certainly pay a small fee of aprox 10euro so they would not have to bring out their passports/age cards etc to a nightclub on a daily/weekly basis. Another point we made on this was that students are currently paying 15-30 euro for an age card to top them bringing out their age card. Which is still easily lost.

The issue for us here is that if you are not a young student for instance it is hard to understand how big of an issue this is and we have now shown this i feel.

We also were given advice that nightclubs would know about the rules and regulations in relation to presenting ID at a nightclub door. Therefore our next step would be to get in touch with our market ie talk to nightclubs and ask them what they think and if under the nightclub regulations that they would be able to use this application instead of a hardcopy of the ID.

I feel in conclusion to the presentation and our first time voicing our idea to others it went well and i hope that we can continue to get good feedback and cover up the holes that may have underlying issues.


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