Final Year Project Blog 1

On Thursday we will make our first presentation of what we have come up with for our final year project. We have been thinking of ideas and brainstorming ideas since August. We came up with approx 10 ideas and them we pitched them to friends family and a couple of lecturers. We narrowed them down and eventually got to settle with one idea.

On 27th of September we spoke to Cathel Gurrin and asked him for his feedback which we found hugely helpful and he had a lot of tips and ideas to help us. The idea we felt was our strongest was our favourite idea and we were happy with the points he made about it.

From this we changed some aspects of our idea and made a meeting with another lecturer Monica Ward.

On 10th of October we met up with Monica, she saw some flaws in our idea which we are not grateful for because we can fix them before presenting it to the class and Helfert on Thursday. She recommended the use of QR codes as a security mechanism to give certification of accessing your information when you give the scan of the QR code.

Our idea name we are thinking of is IDme.

The idea is that we are digitalising ID to a QR code. This came from  the fact that students are carrying out hard copies of IDs on a regular basis and it is unsecure as these are government documents. These are expensive and tedious to replace.

We propose that when a user registers with us they upload their ID and are given a QR code. At the nightclub door it is scanned and from the QR code your identification pops up and can be easily accessed and face recognition done by the bouncer on the door.

For the nightclub we can offer a lot of data on who is entering the club and what times etc. This is why the clubs should buy it we feel as well as the ease of having your ID on your phone automatically.

In relation to security: when you register your phone number with us only that phone number can store one ID therefore this should ensure only one person uses their own id and will prevent identify fraud.


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